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Premier Rewards FAQ


     As a leader in our industry, we feel that it vital to stay competitive and offer value to our guests that no other theatre chain does. The MJR® Movie Rewards Program is over a decade old and we have learned so much over that time. For several years, we have received invaluable feedback from thousands of members on how we can make our program better. We truly feel that your feedback is reflected in our new MJR® Premier Rewards Program.

     Here is some more information for our current members, and benefits of the new MJR® Premier Rewards Program.




·        Members of the current MJR® Movie Rewards Program may continue to use their card/account for the old program through March 19th. We hope that this grace period will allow current members enough time to reach the next reward level, before the program ends.  Here is a link to the old reward schedule http://www.mjrtheatres.com/rewards .  All of the printed rewards will continue to be accepted through their expiration date; which is 365 days after they are earned. 


·        We need some time to transition to the new program as we have software changes and need to test the system so it runs smoothly on the start date.  During that time, we cannot process old or new cards. Although the Movie Rewards program ends on March 19th, the new Premier Rewards program will not begin until April 4th. We want to thank you for your patience during this transition.


·        Unfortunately, we cannot carry over existing members into our new program due to the constraints of our old program. All current members will need to register for a new Premier Rewards Account. One of the biggest perks of the new program will be the ability to register for the program right from the MJR app, available on iTunes and Google Play. This will also assign a virtual loyalty card to the member, instead of a physical card. Of course, physical cards will still be available at the theatre box office for members that prefer that instead. If you want both, you’ll need to get the physical card first so you can log into the app using that cards information.




What is the MJR® Premier Rewards Program?

  • The MJR Premier Rewards Program is a FREE loyalty program that allows registered members to earn points for dollars they spend on movie tickets and concession items at MJR®. Registered members will receive one point for each dollar spent on tickets and concession items.  There is a maximum earning potential of 500 points per business day. There is no cost to join or participate in the program. Upon accumulating 50 points, registered Premier Rewards members will receive five ($5) Premier Dollars that may be redeemed at participating MJR® locations for movie tickets or concession items.


How do I join?

Eligible individuals can join the Premier Rewards Program two different ways.

  • (1) Download our MJR® Digital Cinemas App on your iPhone or Android and get a virtual card account and store your card electronically on your phone so it will always be with you.
  • (2) Simply pick-up a Premier Rewards card at any MJR® location and register it online at mjrtheatres.com.
  • Present your card or virtual card every time you buy movie tickets or items at the concession stand. Your points will begin to accumulate the first time you use your Premier Rewards card. Once the card is registered, members can then start using any Premier Dollars earned.


How do I register my Premier Rewards card to spend my earned Premier Dollars?

  • Members can register online at mjrtheatres.com. Members that signed up via MJR App will be registered as part of that process.


I have a Premier Rewards card, but I would like a virtual card. How can I get that?

  • If you already have a physical card, but you’d like a virtual card for your MJR App, you must be a registered member. If you are, just sign into your account on the MJR App using your card number and name and your account will be accessible through the MJR App.


How do I accumulate Points? Is there a maximum number of points I can get?

  • Members will receive one (1) point for each dollar spent towards the purchase of eligable tickets or concession items made at the concession stand. Purchases towards Gift Cards or any purchase at the Studio Bar and Lounge (including food) are not eligible to receive points. However, purchases made with Gift Cards will follow the same rules as listed above. Members may receive a maximum of 500 points per business day. A list of ineligable purchases can be found HERE.


When and how will I get my Premier Dollars?

  • When a registered member accumulates 50 points, the points will automatically be exchanged for five Premier Dollars that are added to your card. Points will be rounded up to the nearest point if your purchase is not a whole dollar amount. You may visit mjrtheatres.com or sign into your account via the MJR App to check your account balance and see how close you are to your reward!


Do my Premier Dollars expire?

  • Premier Dollars expire 365 days after the initial earning date.


What do my Premier Dollars buy?

  • Premier Dollars can be used towards the purchase of any ticket or item purchased at the concession stand. Premier Dollars may not be used to purchase gift cards, VIP tickets or for auditorium rentals. Premier Dollars must be used at time of purchase and may not be exchanged for credit on a previous purchase. Premier Dollars have no cash value. Unfortunately, Premier Dollars cannot be used for online purchases at this time. However, they can be used on the MJR App by adding your Premier Rewards card number to the Gift Card “Payments” menu in the Settings section of the MJR App.


Will I receive points for my ticket purchases made online?

  • Yes! Just add your Premier Rewards card number when making your purchase at mjrtheatres.com, MovieTickets.com, or on the MJR App. Premier Dollars cannot be processed as payment for online purchases at this time.


Will I get points for discounted tickets or when I use coupons?

  • Discounted admissions for group sales or buyouts, theatre rentals, or other special events will not award Points. For all other purchases, you will only accumulate points based on the final purchasing price of the ticket or concession item. Items that are purchased using Premier Dollars will also receive points. Items that have a $0 value, such as Free Popcorn or Child Film Festival tickets will not receive any points. For a complete list of eligable purchases, click HERE.


Can I use a discount coupon or additional voucher when paying with Premier Dollars?

  • Yes, but not online. These purchases must be made at the theatre box office.


Will my points or my Membership expire?

  • Points will not expire for all active accounts. However, accounts will be made inactive if not used within a period of 24 consecutive months. At that time, all points and Premier Dollars will be reduced to zero.


What if I forget my Premier Rewards card when I go to the theatre?

  • You must present your Premier Rewards card at the time of purchase. We recommend downloading our MJR app. The app will allow you to always have a virtual Premier Rewards card, so you don’t need to worry about carrying around your card or forgetting it at home!


I lost my Premier Rewards card/need my number…What do I do?

  • If you know your account number, you can still gain access to your virtual Premier Rewards card using the MJR App. Registered members can also ask any box office associate to look up their account information using their email or phone number. If you would like to get a replacement card, please call Member Services at 1-800-311-8711.


I want to allow my wife or husband to use my card, is that OK? What about my kids?

  • Yes, members of your immediate family may all use the same Premier Rewards card, however, only one physical card will be issued per account. Your family members may also have individual cards and their own account. Children must be 14 years or older to use the account.


I want to cancel my account. How do I do that?

  • To cancel your account, please call Member Services at 1-800-311-8711.


I forgot to give my Premier Rewards information when I bought my tickets. How do I get points for past purchases?

  • The Premier Rewards card or card number must be presented at the time of purchase. Once the transaction is complete, we cannot issue points retroactively.


I have additional questions, who do I contact?

  • Please call Member Services at 1-800-311-8711 for all additional questions or comments.