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Premier Rewards Program


     As a leader in our industry, we feel that it vital to stay competitive and offer value to our guests that no other theatre chain does. The MJR® Movie Rewards Program is over a decade old and we have learned so much over that time. For several years, we have received invaluable feedback from thousands of members on how we can make our program better. We truly feel that your feedback is reflected in our new MJR® Premier Rewards Program.

     Here is some more information for our current members, and benefits of the new MJR® Premier Rewards Program. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


·        Members of the current MJR® Movie Rewards Program may continue to use their card/account for the old program through March 19th. We hope that this grace period will allow current members enough time to reach the next reward level, before the program ends.  Here is a link to the old reward schedule .  All of the printed rewards will continue to be accepted through their expiration date; which is 365 days after they are earned. 


·        We need some time to transition to the new program as we have software changes and need to test the system so it runs smoothly on the start date.  During that time, we cannot process old or new cards. Although the current Movie Rewards program ends on March 19th, the new Premier Rewards program will not begin until April 4th. We want to thank you for your patience during this transition.


·        Unfortunately, we cannot carry over existing members into our new program due to the constraints of our old program. All current members will need to register for a new Premier Rewards Account. One of the biggest perks of the new program will be the ability to register for the program right from the MJR app, available on iTunes and Google Play. This will also assign a virtual loyalty card to the member, instead of a physical card. Of course, physical cards will still be available at the theatre box office for members that prefer that instead. If you want both, you’ll need to get the physical card first so you can log into the app using that cards information.