The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook (2004) Poster

This epic love story centers on an older man who regularly reads aloud to an older, invalid woman. From a faded notebook, the man reads the story of Allie Hamilton, who comes to a North Carolina coastal town one summer during the 1940s. Still in her teens, Allie meets local boy Noah Calhoun, and the two fall in love. World War II separates them, but each is haunted by memories of the other. Seven years later, Allie returns, but now she is engaged to marry another man. Although the old woman's memory has faded, hearing the words read from the notebook lets her relive her turbulent youth and unforgettable love.



2 hr 01 min

Opens February, 10th 2023

PG-13 for for some sexuality


Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams
James Garner
Gena Rowlands
Joan Allen
Heather Wahlquist
Meredith Zealy
Nancy De Mayo
Sam Shepard
James Marsden


Nick Cassavetes


Mark Andrus, Madeline Leven, Lowell Ganz, Nicholas Sparks