Premier Rewards

The MJR Premier Rewards Program is the most rewarding Loyalty program in the industry; and it is 100% FREE. As a Member, you would earn 1 point for every dollar spent at MJR Digital Cinemas and every 50 points is magically transferred into $5 Premier Dollars! What are Premier Dollars you may ask? Premier Dollars is your reward for being awesome...and they can be spent on tickets to your favorite Marvel movie (or RomCom?), popcorn, pop (soda for you non-Michiganders), and any food or candy (Nestle Goobers Please!). Sorry folks, no boozin' it up at the Studio Lounge and paying with your Premier Dollars (there's laws about that an' all). 

There is more! Every Tuesday, Members with a ticket purchase can receive a Free Regular Popcorn or upgrade to a Large for just $1! It is important to note that each Member has to purchase their a couple that purchases their tickets together can only get One Free Regular Popcorn (go crazy and spend the extra buck for a large).

Of course, like everything else in this world, there are a few rules. Typical stuff.... just making sure toddlers aren't signing up, and some other stuff our lawyers made us add. Check them out HERE or review our offical FAQ.


Sign-Up on our MJR Mobile App now, or visit your local MJR Digital Cinema Box Office and Sign-Up there if you want a fancy plastic card to show off to your neighbors!