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General Info and FAQ


     As a leader in our industry, we feel that it vital to stay competitive and offer value to our guests that no other theatre chain does. The MJR® Movie Rewards Program is over a decade old and we have learned so much over that time. For several years, we have received invaluable feedback from thousands of members on how we can make our program better. We truly feel that your feedback is reflected in our new MJR® Premier Rewards Program.







·        The MJR® Movie Rewards Program ended on March 19th. All printed rewards will be honored through their expiration date; which is 365 days after they were earned. 

·        Unfortunately, we could not carry over members from the Movie Rewards program into our new program due to the constraints of our old program. All Movie Rewards members will need to register for the Premier Rewards Program with a new card or sign up on the MJR app, available on iTunes and Google Play. Please note that by signing up on the MJR App, you will receive a virtual loyalty card instead of a physical card. If you would prefer to have a physical card, they are available at the MJR Box Office. You can then register that card on www.mjrtheatres.com and sign into your account on the MJR app.




*What is the MJR® Premier Rewards Program?


*How do I join?

Eligible individuals can join the Premier Rewards Program two different ways.

  1. Download the MJR App on your iPhone or Android and sign up for the Premier Rewards program. The app will store your card electronically on your phone so it will always be with you. NOTE: Members that sign up on the MJR App will not receive a physical card. Those wanting a physical card must pick one up at the Theatre box office and not sign up on the App.
  2. Pick up a Premier Rewards card at any participating MJR location and register it online at mjrtheatres.com.

Present your card or virtual card when you buy movie tickets or items at the concession stand. Your points will begin to accumulate the first time you use your Premier Rewards card. Once the card is registered, members can then start using any Premier Dollars earned.


*What do I need to know about the MJR App and Virtual Premier Rewards cards?

NOTE: If you remove the card from the app and add it back in by selecting “I am already a Member” you will see both the points balance and the Gift Card balance on the card in the MJR Premier Rewards screen. We are working with our development team to address this bug.


*How do I register my Premier Rewards card to spend my earned Premier Dollars and get my other benefits?


*When will I receive my 25 bonus points for registering my card?


*I have a Premier Rewards card, but I would like a virtual card. How can I get that?


*How do I accumulate Points? Is there a maximum number of points I can get?


*When and how will I get my Premier Dollars?


*Do my Premier Dollars expire?


*What do my Premier Dollars buy?


*Will I receive points for my ticket purchases made online?


*Will I get points for discounted tickets or when I use coupons?


*Can I use a discount coupon or additional voucher when paying with Premier Dollars?


*Will my points or my Membership expire?


*What if I forget my Premier Rewards card when I go to the theatre?


*I lost my Premier Rewards card/need my number…What do I do?


*I want to allow my wife or husband to use my card, is that OK? What about my kids?


*I want to cancel my account. How do I do that?


*I forgot to give my Premier Rewards information when I bought my tickets. How do I get points for past purchases?


*I have additional questions, who do I contact?