Premier Rewards FAQ



*What is the MJR® Premier Rewards Program?


*How do I join?

Eligible individuals can join the Premier Rewards Program two different ways.

  1. Sign up on the MJR App.
  2. Sign up and your local MJR Digital Cinemas box office to get a fancy plastic card.

To earn points, make sure you provide your account info upon your purchase. Your points will begin to accumulate the first time you use your Premier Rewards account. 


*What happens when I sign up on the App?


*How do I register my Premier Rewards card to spend my earned Premier Dollars and get my other benefits?


*When will I receive my 25 bonus points for registering my card?


*I am already a Member with a physical card. How do I add this to the MJR App?


*How do I accumulate Points? Is there a maximum number of points I can get?


*When and how will I get my Premier Dollars?


*Do my Premier Dollars expire?


*What can I buy with my Premier Dollars?


*Can I receive points for my ticket purchases made online?


*Will I get points for discounted tickets or when I use coupons?


*Can I use a discount coupon or additional voucher when paying with Premier Dollars?


*Will my Membership expire?


*What if I forget my Premier Rewards card when I go to the theatre?


*I lost my Premier Rewards card/need my number…What do I do?


*I want to allow my wife or husband to use my card, is that OK? What about my kids?


*I want to cancel my account. How do I do that?


*I have additional questions, who do I contact?