MJR Theatres
Laser Ultra

Laser Ultra features stunning 4K Laser projection, immersive Dolby Atmos sound, and heated reclining chairs. When combined, these features provide the ultimate theatrical experience in sight, sound, and comfort.

Ultimate in Sight

Featuring 4K Laser projection which offers a superior image, with exceptional brightness levels, an increased contrast ratio, and vivid colors for a radically improved viewing experience. 

Burst of Colors

Ultimate in Sound

Powered by Dolby Atmos®, moviegoers will experience multi-dimensional sound and pinpoint clarity from speakers wrapping around the entire auditorium, including the ceiling, which collectively creates an immersive soundscape that you can feel.

luxury recliners

Ultimate in Comfort

Featuring plush luxurious zero-gravity heated reclining chairs throughout. In addition, select rows will offer a truly premium experience with VIP Seats - which feature heated reclining chairs, two convenient side tables, storage compartments for personal belongings, coat hooks, and a surrounding privacy enclosure designed to provide additional personal space and comfort.

Exclusively at MJR Brighton, MJR Marketplace, and MJR Westland Cinemas

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