Studio Bar and Lounge

MJR Studio Bar & Lounge Code of Conduct and Policies

The MJR Studio Bar and Lounge is designed to bring MJR customers a safe environment to relax and enjoy a drink. Our rules of conduct are meant to provide the best experience for all and those entering the MJR Studio Bar & Lounge agree to conduct themselves pursuant to the following policies:

·  The MJR Studio Bar & Lounge is reserved only for theatre patrons over the age of 21

·  All alcoholic drinks must be in a clear container. Patron enjoying an alcoholic beverage must have an MJR Studio Lounge wristband on and in clear     view of MJR personnel at all times

·  MJR will remove and ban any minor attempting to order or drink an alcoholic beverage on our property

·  MJR reserves the right to stop or deny the sale of alcohol or seize alcoholic beverages from any patron

·  Disruptions in and out of an auditorium will not be tolerated and those patrons will be removed from the property