Your business can be a MOVIE STAR!

Deliver your message with big screen, big sound impact, or connect with moviegoers online at We offer a full suite of advertising solutions that reach an affluent and engaged audience.

Today's consumer is in full control of the content they consume and advertisers are challenged by fragmented audiences, ad-skipping technology, and the declining reach and impact of their advertising message.

At MJR Theatres we host a captive network of moviegoers. From leading national brands, to regional and local retailers and service providers, MJR Theatres offers its diverse list of repeat advertising partners multiple, engaging media touch points to engage with their respective customers in a high-impact, interruption free environment.

Need to take a targeted, regional approach to connect with customers in Sterling Heights, Michigan? We can help. Looking for a broader audience in, say, the Brighton region? Not a problem. Wayne County? Well, you get the picture. And we'll ensure your audience does too.